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Friday, September 17, 2010

Resident Evil: Afterlife (2010)

Last sunday, Sept. 12, i was sooo bored decided to go window shopping at Robinson's Place. I texted my friend Adam if he wanted to meet up to go window shop. As luck would have it, he had nothing to do as well so we decided to meet up, Adam suggested KFC cuz he wanted to eat first. I arrived around 5pm, went to KFC and immediately saw Adam...we chatted for a bit when he suggested that we should watch a movie, cuz i happen to mention that Resident Evil: Afterlife was already showing, we were both fans of the first two Resident Evil Movies, so it was only natural that we should watch the third installment...i wasn't really in the mood for a movie because my head was set on doing some window shopping, but he was so insistent so i relented...i was also curious about Milla Jovovich's make-up and fashion in the movie (she's one of my favorite Supermodels), she never fails to impress me with her beauty, and those eyes! Jealous much!

So, we bought our ticket's for 7pm, since we still had an hour to kill, we went to buy snacks, toiletries, and just bummed around...By, 6:40 there was already a line outside the cinema (although it was "guaranteed seats" it was still first-come-first-serve basis inside the cinema which sucked bigtime because we bought our tickets early but was a bit late in falling in line, so we got "ok but could have done better" seats), and we had to stand in line for 25 minutes before the line started moving, crap.

Below is the synopsis/spoiler of the movie which was taken from www.imdb.com wesite, so if you haven't watched the movie and you have plans of watching it, don't read, skip down to my review/reaction :)

Synopsis taken from IMDb.com:

Alice makes her return in the 4th installment of the Resident Evil franchise and is powerless. She takes a few of her "friends" to the Umbrella Facility in Tokyo, only to find a few surprises. More of the ravaged undead, the iconic Majini from the hit video game, and an ally of hers since the cliffhanger ending of Extinction.

She will need as much help as she can get to stay alive, and save what's left of the world.

In this installment, picking up shortly after the third Resident Evil film left off, the Alice clones (Milla Jovovich) attempt to kill Albert Wesker (Shawn Roberts), the leading CEO of the evil Umbrella Corporation at his underground base in Japan. All the clones are ambushed killed in an explosion as Wesker escapes in an aircraft. The original Alice ambushes him, but Wesker injects her with a serum that neutralizes the T-virus in her system, eliminating her superhuman powers and making her human again. Before he can kill her, the aircraft crashes and Alice emerges alone from the wreckage.

Many months later, Alice follows a repeating emergency broadcast from a survivors' safe haven known as "Arcadia". After many fruitless months searching for Arcadia and finding no survivors along the way.

Alice begins to lose hope, believing herself to be the last surviving human on the planet. Stopping on an abandoned beach, Alice finds the helicopter that was taken by Claire and the others when they and Alice parted ways in the previous film. A crazed Claire (Ali Larter), under the influence of an Umbrella Corporation device attached to her chest, attacks her. Alice removes the device, finding that it has damaged Claire's memory. Claire slowly regains bits and pieces, remembering that soldiers of the Umbrella Corporation ambushed their group when they landed on the beach, attaching the devices to them, though she managed to escape.

Flying a two-person plane, they enter the ruins of Los Angeles and find a small group of survivors living in a maximum security prison, surrounded by zombies. They land the plane on the roof and learn that Arcadia is actually a cargo tanker traveling along the coast. Since the plane cannot take more than two, Alice and the survivors try to figure out a means to make it to Arcadia together. The survivors have been keeping watch on a prisoner, Chris (Wentworth Miller), whom they found locked in a maximum security cell when they arrived.

Alice and survivors are out of time to find a means to reach Arcadia so they decide to free him and use his escape route. Chris recognizes Claire and reveals himself as her brother, though she does not remember him. Chris' proposed methoda stored military vehicleis legitimate, but the vehicle is not operational and they are left with no other option but to use the zombies' tunnel to escape into the sewers, which empties into the coast. The group fights off many zombies. Alice, Claire, and Chris emerging as the only survivors and escape into the sewers.

They continue to Arcadia, finding the ship completely functional, but abandoned. Exploring its inner depths, they realize that it is a trap set by Umbrella to lure survivors to the ship to conduct experiments on them in order to find a cure or way to control the zombies. They release the survivors, among them K-Mart, and Alice continues deeper, finding escape helicopters and a purging bomb. Deeper inward, she finds Wesker, who explains that he has been infected by the T-virus, mutating him and granting him super human abilities, but finds it difficult to control. By assimilating Alice, the only individual to bond successfully with the T-virus, she will be able to gain full mastery of the T-virus. Chris, Claire, and Alice battle Wesker, but he escapes into a helicopter and activates the purging bomb to blow up and kill everyone aboard the Arcadia ship. However, he finds that Alice hid the bomb aboard the helicopter and it is destroyed. During the purging bomb's explosion, a parachute falling from the sky goes unnoticed by Alice, Claire, and Chris... hinting that Wesker may still be alive.

Alice resolves to turn Arcadia into a real safe haven and broadcasts its message for any other survivors. As Claire, Chris, and Alice decide how to proceed with all the survivors, they see an approaching Umbrella assault fleet preparing to take them out.

To be continued.......?

When the movie ended, Adam and I looked at each other and concluded that the movie was crap! Both of us were so disappointed!

The plot was weak, it was boring. dragging...Characters were weak and uninteresting...it also lacked the funny one-liners that made the predecessors enjoyable...

It went downhill right after the loud opening sequence...the villain wasn't scary or impressive at all...and why introduce a character that did nothing significant in the movie? Like that guy from the "Prison Break" series??? And the open-ended ending is becoming old...another Resident Evil film? Really? The only entertaining thing i got from the movie was watching Milla Jovovich rock her badass fashion! And those eyes! One can get hypnode by those eyes!

We paid Php110 each for the movie, Adam and I decided that it would have better spent on a bucket of beer, THAT at least would have given us a perk...

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