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Monday, September 6, 2010

My Best Restos in Town!

FOOD, am sure a lot would agree, is a source of comfort. Its like an old friend whom you can rely on no matter what. It doesn't judge, doesn't scold, doesn't betray (hmmm...wait, i dunno about the last one, some do end up on the thighs...). Naturally, eating, is one of my favorite pastime, especially if you're with good company, coupled with good cheap wine, food completes the holy trinity of "hanging out". In the last ten years, am happy to say that Taclobanons has come up with some pretty good "original" restaurants that make my tummy go "Hu-haaaah!" (just like Al Pacino in Scent of a Woman).

Listed in a non-chronological manner that includes a brief description (but i shall be writing about these establishments one by one to give a more detailed description that will include photos of my favorite dishes, interior decor, personalities, ambiance!) are the restaurants that makes my ears clap and go Weeeeeeee!

OCHO Seafood
Lopez Jaena St.
Tacloban City

Its one of the best if not the best seafood resto in town! Lovely interiors, yummy menu and the best part totally affordable! The only downside, a bit noisy because its always fully packed!

#29 Sen. Enage St.

Ambiance extraordinaire! Lovely, cozy interiors that invites you to stay for hours, either chatting with the very accomodating owner Cristina Magallon or just work with your laptop or browse the internet for hours with the free WIFI. Excellent food with even better belly busting portions! At night, it turns into a bar that serves a variety of alcoholic delights!

P. Burgos St.

Mexican cuisine with Filipino flava! Best kept secret of Tacloban that's been around for 10 years or more. Their home made nachos and rum ribs keeps regular clients coming back for more!

GIUSSEPPE'S Ristorante
173 Avenida Veteranos

It is, as the name suggest, a Filipino-Italian Restaurant. Am partial to Italian Cuisine, so the menu is definitely "to-die-for". Cozy ambiance, but has a tendency to fill up around dinner time, so it becomes a bit noisy. Expensive compared to the restos mentioned here, but food and service is excellent so its well worth a visit!

Independencia St.

Known as Calle Z to locals, it has the best "Bulalo" in town! They offer an "All time favorite" Filipino menu. The "go to" resto after an all nighter of alcohol bingeing because they close at 4am!


A bit out-of -town, but the relaxed atmosphere, beautiful surroundings, and excellent food is worth traveling 30 minutes for!

Note: Photo above is of Zaibatsu's Hungarian Marinara

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